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  2. Citizen Safety・Public Safety

Citizen Safety

1 Promotion of safe and secure community development

 We operate the Tokyo Metropolitan Council for the Creation of Safe and Secure Communities to strengthen cooperation with municipalities and crime prevention organizations.
 We subsidize municipalities for the installation of security equipment such as security cameras.

2 Support volunteer activities for crime prevention

 We support activities of volunteer organizations through the crime prevention portal site “Tokyo Crime Prevention Network.”
 We promote initiatives for businesses to watch over vulnerable people such as children while the businesses are in operation.
 We honor individuals and organizations who had conducted crime prevention activities for many years.
 We will work with the citizen runners and the dog owners to promote the formation of groups that "watching over" the safety of the city through their daily activities.

3 Promotion of child safety measures

 We prepare a collection of cases of activities taken to watch over children.
 We hold the program entitled "Let's study crime prevention, parents and children together."

4 Activities by foreign residents to watch over children.

 As the number of foreign children is rising with the increase in number of foreign residents in Tokyo, activities to watch over children are carried out in cooperation with the foreign community and others.

5 Safety education for foreign children

 In order to protect foreign children against commiting a crime or becoming a victim of crime, we distribute a textbook on safety awareness and arrange a course.

Master Guide for Safety and Security

 ※ In addition to the "easy Japanese version" which is easier for foreigners to understand, the textbook accomodates seven languages:
  English, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepali.
 ※ The seminar can be held in English or Japanese.
  It's free of charge, and also can be held remotely as an infection countermeasures.

Master Guide for Safety and Security

Easy Japanese English Chinese (Simplified) Chinese(Traditional)
Korean Nepali Vietnamese

6 Offering foreign residents some safety Information

 We are working on following programs: contributing to the raising awareness of safety at events where many foreign residents gather, forming information liaison meetings which consist of supporters of foreign residents, disseminating information on safety and security in ”easy Japanese” and English.

7 Internet usage optimization measures

 We operate a consultation desk for young people troubles related to the internet, smartphones, and other communication devices, and hold seminars on the proper use of the internet and the video contest on using the Internet and raise awareness of social media trouble prevention, etc.

8 Promoting Recidivism Prevention Measures

 We have set up a consultation service for people who have committed shoplifting, violence, or other criminal acts, as well as their family members and other concerned parties.
 We prepare and distribute guidebooks and hold seminars to help guide and support offenders.

9 Support for recovery of delinquent youth and others

 We carry out educational activities such as the "Yellow Feather Campaign"(Crime Prevention Activities) to help young people with a history of delinquency, including juvenile delinquents and those who have been released from juvenile training schools, recover from their delinquent behavior.
 We use musical dramas and leaflets to raise awareness about the prevention of shoplifting and other juvenile delinquencies.

Public Safety

1 Prevention of crimes striking close to home

 To eradicate imposter scams, we are promoting the installation of automatic call recorders and anti-nuisance function phone, which are highly effective in preventing damages through their warning messages and recording functions.
 Also, in order to prevent damages from various other crimes, we cooperate with the Metropolitan Police Department and municipalities to call for caution and raise awareness.

2 Measures against unauthorized immigrants

 We hold "illegal employment prevention enlightenment lecture" for business owners, etc. who employ foreigners in order to prevent illegal employment.

Foreign Worker Employment Manual

 ※ We have created and distributed the "Foreign Worker Employment Manual" for businesses that employ foreigners. (only Japanese)
   In addition to Japanese, the website also posts English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai, Nepali, Vietnamese, and

Foreign Worker Employment Manual

Japanese English Chinese (Simplified) Chinese(Traditional) Korean
Thai Nepali Vietnamese Myanmar

Foreign Resident Manual

 We hold "adequacy lecture for residence" to teach Japanese law, rules and manners to international students and other foreigners.

 ※ We have created a DVD that explains Japanese law, rules and manners to foreigners including foreign students, and uses it in the
   "adequacy lecture for residence".

 ※ We have created and distributed the "Foreign Resident Manual"for foreigners residing in Japan in Japanese, English,
  Chinese(Simplified), Korean, Thai, Nepali, Myanmar, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malai, Bengali and Mongolian.
   In addition to those languages, Chinese (Traditional), French, Portuguese, Russian, Persian, Sinhala, German, Italian, Spanish,
  and Urdu are available on this website so that they can be widely used.

Foreign Traveler Manual

 ※ We have created and distributed a "Foreign Traveler Manual" for foreign tourists to understand Japanese laws, rules and etiquette.
   In addition to Japanese, it is translated in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, and Thai.

Foreign Traveler Manual

3 Measures to eliminate organized crime groups

 In cooperation with the Metropolitan Police Department and municipalities, we organize promotional activities to raise awareness and eliminate organized crime groups from society.

4 Tokyo Security Watch keeps Tokyo safe

 Tokyo Security Watch is a volunteer activity to support the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games.
 Volunteers are simply asked to be attentive to what they observe around themselves in daily life.
 Members of the community are best equipped to notice when something seems suspicious.
 If something seems off when you go to school or work, or when shopping, please call the police.
 Your attentiveness keeps Tokyo safe.
* "Tokyo Security Watch" had been finished by the end of September 2021, because of "Tokyo 2020 Games" was over.
 We really appreciate your cooperation.

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