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Traffic Safety

 We advance measures for traffic safety in Tokyo, such as various campaigns to raise public awareness, comprehensive measures for bicycle safety, and provisions on traffic measures utilizing ITS, etc.

※ ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems): Systems aiming to reduce traffic accidents and congestion through the exchange of information
among people, roads, and vehicles utilizing the most advanced information and communication technologies.

1 Comprehensive coordination of traffic safety measures

 We promote, in accordance with the Tokyo Traffic Safety Plan, various traffic safety measures to make Tokyo a safe, secure and traffic accident-free city.

2 Raise public awareness on traffic safety 

 In cooperation with related organizations, we conduct various traffic safety campaigns as well as hands-on traffic safety lessons for children, elderly people and others.
Also, as the proportion of traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers is increasing, we are working to let the public know about the system of voluntary return of driver’s licenses and issuance of the driving history certificates.

 ※ We lend the traffic safety video for foreigners in order to assist them to learn and comply with the traffic rules and improve their
※ Leaflets (Japanese and English) are distributed on the occasion of the Nationwide Traffic Safety Campaign and other campaigns.

R2_NSTSC_English R2_NATSC_English R1_TOKYO_English

3 Promote comprehensive measures for bicycle safety

 Society as a whole will promote the safe and proper use of bicycles based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on the Promotion of Safe and Appropriate Use of Bicycles, which clarifies rules to be followed by bicycle users and the roles of the actors such as government, businesses and families.

 ※ We have created and distributed a "bicycle safety leaflet" in Japanese and English that describes how to ride a bicycle safely. Chinese
(simplified and traditional) and Korean versions are also posted on the website.

>Bicycle Safety Leaflet

 Bicycle Safety Leaflet

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